DNS FTP server and Google search console

I have a Debian 11, with nginx 1.18 and vsftp 3.0.3, using Cloduflare… I can’t understand why, but Google Search Console forcefully indexes the FTP pages… so I find in search console both www.mysite.my/index.html and ftp.mysite.my/index.html…

in Cloudflare DNS conf I have:

Type: A
Name: ftp
Content: correct ip address
Proxy status: DNS only

Name: www
Content: mysite.my
Proxy status: Proxied

any suggestions as to why this happens?


Do www and ftp point to the same IP address? If so, then HTTP requests for ftp will be treated just the same as for www - the subdomain is just an IP address, it doesn’t on its own say which service (port) it can be used to connect to.

If you want ftp to not be treated as a web site then make sure your nginx server only answers for your domain and www. You should also set your server so that port 80 and 443 are only allowed from Cloudflare IP addresses to prevent people bypassing Cloudflare and connecting directly to your server.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to modify the server configuration. But please, where I find the ips used cloudflare? don’t they change depending on the geographic area of ​​the end user?

No. See here…

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Thanks for the reply @sjr !

I’m trying to proceed like this, 1 step at a time:
I edited the robots.txt file to exclude ftp indexing

# Block ftp
Disallow: ftp://mysite.my/

then I thought of implementing a specific rewriting rule on the server side (I use nginx) for each ftp request, it ends in www
and lastly, follow your suggestion, because it seems like the most drastic solution to me :wink:

I’m not an expert, but I’ve been managing my website myself for many years, and only this time, when I started using nginx, I saw this strange thing in Google Search Console… is this normal? It makes me think that I have a wrong web server configuration.

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