DNS forwarding not working after moving from Google Domains

I registered my domains with Google Domains. I moved the DNS to Cloudflare tonight and now I can’t access my server anymore. How do I figure out what is going wrong?

I have the IP set up with A records for various sub domains, e.g., ssh and music which need ports specified. My router hasn’t changed. It was working fine over at Google and now…nothing.

I updated the DNS servers over at google and I get this on cloudflare: Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site

Data about your site’s usage will be here once available.

If I pause cloudflare, I am able to connect via chrome to music.why can’t i put links in here???:#### for my icecast server and I can $ ssh -p #### ssh.why can’t i put links in here??? to ssh or $ sftp -P #### ssh.why can’t i put links in here???. (Oddly, I cannot $ ssh -p #### music.why can’t i put links in here??? and I can’t access my router via ssh.why can’t i put links in here???:####` but I can access it via music. why can’t i put links in here???:####.) Anyway, if I have the proxy service paused, i.e., turned off for everything, I can access my server. I also seem to be able to access the server if any single one of the proxies is turned off. I don’t see what benefit I have with CF over google if the proxy service doesn’t work and I have to disable it.

why can’t I put links in here??? should have been something like music (dot) domainname (dot) com, but this won’t let me post that.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community :logodrop:

You cannot include links due to having a new account with insufficient activity to establish the trust level required to include links.

As for your questions pertaining to accessing various services on your hostnames, it is important to understand the difference between :orange:/:grey:. When you :orange: proxy a name you can only use it with HTTP and HTTPS traffic on specific ports. If you need other protocols, you need to set the name to :grey: DNS Only.

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