DNS forward


I want to put a new URL on the Pro plan, but it points also to a nameserver which I want to keep.

For example: I want to move mysite.com to Pro plan,
but there is a nameserver behind ns.mysite.com that I want to keep.

Will it work? How should I configure it ?

Thank you


Why would you like to keep the nameserver?


Because is a headache to contact and explain the owners of some URLs how to change the DNS for their sites.


So we are not talking about one domain but about several?

You basically want to put a bunch of domains under Cloudflare’s control but dont want to have to change their DNS settings, right?


My target is to put a domain under Cloudflare, this domain provides DNS for other URLs. I don’t care if the other URLs are or are not under Cloudflare protection.

For example:
I want to put mydomain.com under Cloudflare. There is a nameserver on ns.mydomain.com that is serving other-peoples-domains1.com


I just want subdomain.mydomain.com protected from DDOS layer 7 attacks
I don’t care if the other-peoples-domainsN.com are protected or not.


In this case you simply add mydomain.com to Cloudflare, switch the nameservers for mydomain.com to Cloudflare as well, set subdomain to be proxied via Cloudflare but keep ns pointing to the original IP address of the nameserver responsible for the other domains.


it works, thank you

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