DNS for Wix

I created a website on wix and i want to connect my subdomain to Wix (I bought my domain from GoDaddy) and Wix gave me some ip address for connecting CNAME i did it.

My question is how much time i should wait ? (When i was setup my main domain exweiv.com) It was not take so much time for setup. For now i am waiting for more tham 2 hour

CNAMEs don’t use IP addresses, and WIX is generally incompatible with Cloudflare. What’s the subdomain you added?


Can i edit my subdomains and add subdomains from godaddy ?

It looks like you’ve set that DNS record to :orange:. And then it redirects to www.store.exweiv.com. Cloudflare’s free Univeral SSL doesn’t cover nested subdomains. If your store didn’t redirect to ‘www’, there’s a slight chance it would still work.

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