Dns for wireguad for better performance

So lets start off with a wireguard vpn through ovh in beauharnois canada. Will any kind of dns server help speed up the traffic from user to the server that vpn is on? Basically I would like to know if Dns will lower the latency. There is no website. It is just a Wireguard Vpn on a OVH VPS. I’m trying to get better latency from California to Beauharnois canada. Or would I need to get a server closer to me with a certain type of dns to better reach Beauharnois Canada through the VPN? Now if I have up to 50 users located through the USA wouldn’t it be better to keep the vps/vpn closest to my endpoint destination @ beauharnois canada? So since I truly don’t know much and self learning please direct me to the right places for this idea to better the VPN by decreasing latency if a DNS is not what I need or if it will not serve the purpose I am looking for.

DNS really doesn’t do much to reduce latency. Once you’ve completed the initial DNS lookup, it’s out of the picture. Even looking at DNS performance, most respond within 50ms and you’re not going to notice a difference between providers.

so whats the suggestion to better the connection latency? i get 80ms from california to beauharnois canada. i can use a vpn from app store and get 75ms. so im trying to figure out how to accomplish this with my own wireguard vpn on my own vps. im guessing domain names ping faster because i was trying to see if a domain name would help direct anything and i had no luck, but i could ping it and get 30ms or less from california to south carolina. like i said im pretty clueless to all this and have no background in IT.

The latency will depend on the physical distance (the speed of light is indeed a very real limiting factor) as well as the “logical distance”, i.e the number of hops the packets need to travel across various networks.

As @sdayman has written, DNS plays no role here.
VPN doesn’t either. Maybe a specific VPN you tested happened to provide a shorter route (lower latency) but as long as you cannot control the entire path your packets take from A to B you cannot do anything about the latency.

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