DNS for website to pass through Cloudflare

Hi I have a website hosted on the free environment of 000Webhost and pointed the website to godaddy from which I bought the domain. Now I need to add cloudflare into the equation to add security to the site. can someone assist in setting things up please?

I am sharing the steps in short here, which you’d have to do:

  1. You would have to create a Free Cloudflare account.
  2. Input your domain name/zone.
  3. Change the domain nameservers at GoDaddy to point to the given one’s in the process assigned to your Cloudflare account.
  4. Therefrom, import or add the DNS records to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard.
  5. Wait for the propagation process to complete.
  6. At the end, you’d be using Cloudflare to speedup and protect your Website.

Helpful article to check out at first:

I have done the steps suggested. hopefully this works out.

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