DNS for Subdomain marketplace.squareit.ch not working

Dear Community,

over 48 hours ago I created 4 NS Records for marketplace.squareit.ch. Unfortuntly it is still not available everywhere.
While Checking over whasmydns sometimes no country shows it and sometimes around 5.

Best Regards

The nameservers you set are not responding for your hostname.

squareit.ch.            3600    IN      NS      meera.ns.cloudflare.com.
squareit.ch.            3600    IN      NS      woz.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 135 bytes from 2001:678:3::1#53(e.nic.ch) in 8 ms

marketplace.squareit.ch. 60     IN      NS      ns1.dnsimple.com.
marketplace.squareit.ch. 60     IN      NS      ns2.dnsimple.com.
marketplace.squareit.ch. 60     IN      NS      ns3.dnsimple.com.
marketplace.squareit.ch. 60     IN      NS      ns4.dnsimple.com.
;; Received 136 bytes from in 4 ms
dig +short marketplace.squareit.ch @ns1.dnsimple.com

dig +short marketplace.squareit.ch @ns2.dnsimple.com

dig +short marketplace.squareit.ch @ns3.dnsimple.com

dig +short marketplace.squareit.ch @ns4.dnsimple.com

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Hi Laudian,

appreciate your quik response. How do you mean they dont respond? if I check for example on Google Admin Toolbox I dont see any Record.

Best Regards

Yes, exactly. The nameservers you set don’t return any records, which is why it’s not working.

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