DNS for subdomain help - AutoSSL not configurable

I am trying to install an AutoSLL Cert on a subdomain of a site where the main domain has DNS set up here on Cloudflare and name servers pointed to Cloudflare. Below is the instructions from my host.
Can someone please advise on the proper DNS set up here at Cloudflare?


AutoSSL can’t be installed on the domain currently as it has two conflicting DNS records added:

  • A record pointing it to xx.xxx.xxx.x
  • CNAME pointing it to [mysite. com](htt p:// mysite. com/)

The CNAME is the issue, as it pulls up the AAAA records of the domain [mysite. com](htt p:// mysite. com/)(26xx:47xx:2x::6xxa:bxx and 26xx:47xx:2x::6xxa:axx) as well, and AutoSSL can’t be installed on those IPs. To resolve this issue, the CNAME pointing [erp. mysite .com](ttp:// erp. mysite .com/) to [mysite . com](htt p:// mysite .c om/) will need to be removed. Once you’ve removed it, please let us know and we’ll gladly install the AutoSSL certificate.

You certainly shouldn’t have a CNAME and A record for the same hostname. Try getting rid of one of them and see if your stuff still works.

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