DNS for one site not working,, or?

Just switched over to Cloudflare for my pet projects and one of my sites is working and the other is not… if I browse just to the dns name (no https or port) I get the server down message from CF. once I add the HTTPs and port it never resolves… I can browse to the site using the IP listed in CF with the protocol and port though… is there something I can check to see what is going on? This is on the free plan…

What is the name of the domain in question?

the site that is working is unifi.woodchipstech.com (https :8443)

the broken site is… omada.woodchipstech.com (https : 8043)

Cloudflare proxies 8443

Cloudflare does not proxy 8043

But, getting a web server down error on the main domain and each of those subdomains atm


thanks! I didn’t realize that port is no bueno…

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