DNS for my domain

I am trying to just my jrchef domain for my email but need the correct DNS #'s. Where do I obtain that information?

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Are you already using your domain name with an existing email service?

If your domain is the .com of the name you referenced, it appears to have an MX record pointed to Microsoft’s M365 platform. That domain also has an SPF record.

Do you have a specific value that you are trying to determine? Can you share that with us?

The domain name was with a previous email service, I removed it from the previous service and umbrella and created my own 365 account. It used to be with dtla.media. We deleted the email address from them, did we need to change something else or remove the SPF record?

Without knowing what problem you are trying to solve, that is hard to answer. Is something not working correctly right now?

As for removing an SPF record, I advise against that since it is one of the components used to identify authentic use of your domain in email. You should probably review it and remove any elements that are no longer valid origins for email that uses your domain.

Sorry I’m not being clear, I’m new to all of this.

My email Cathey at jrchef belonged to an different organization, I decided to move away from the organization and transferred the domain to myself. Now, I’m trying to transfer my email from the previous organization and set up the email on my own. I removed everything from the old organization. As I was setting up the email and trying to update it to match the dns that’s on cloudfare on Microsoft, for some reason, I’m still getting an error that says my email cannot be recognized. I reset it again and matched it this evening, but it still doesn’t allow me to set it up.

Where do you encounter this error?

You reset what again? What doesn’t allow you to set “it” up and what is “it”?

I am not trying to be obtuse, but I still am unable to determine what the specific problem is that you are attempting to work through. I do want to help you achieve a working solution. Maybe it would add context if you shared a screenshot of the error message.

Who is your new email provider?
Is it Microsoft?
If so, is your tenant name jrchef-com?
If it is, your MX record appears to be correct.

You do have two TXT records for Microsoft domain verification. You might want to delete both of them, and if you find that you still need one, add a new one with value provided in your M365 dashboard.

Sorry for not being clear. What I was referring to was updating the DNS files and resetting it on cloudfare to match what I had on Microsoft which is the email service provider.

I did what you recommended and it looks like I was finally able to create the account in outlook and it was able to retrieve the email information and find my account. I cant however, find the account on my phone. When I click exchange, set up the account it automatically logs me in to my old account instead of finding my new account.

Hello, I thought that my email with MS Outlook would work since I was able to completely set it up on my laptop, however its now allowing me to set it up on my phone. It seems as though the DNS settings were not completely propagated when I check whatsmydns.

The settings for MS Outlook are the following:

The DNS settings on outlook are Healthy.

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