DNS for Families not preventing Traffic

Hello All,

I am attempting to setup my Router to use Cloudflare’s DNS for Families to prevent Malware and Adult Content by using the and DNS servers.

Problem is, even when i have these settings set, and then verified, i am still able to connect to the Test sites provided by Cloudflare, (https://malware.testcategory.com/ and https://nudity.testcategory.com/)

the Test Link for validation details are here

I am not brand new to Network management, but i Can’t figure out why the DNS isn’t preventing those sties from loading

Can you check your device is either:
a) using your router’s IP address as a DNS, or
b) being allocated as DNS from DHCP.

If using an Apple device, ensure Private Browsing is disabled as that, or a VPN or Cloudflare’s WARP, will bypass your own DNS.

Obviously the test sites work…

dig +short nudity.testcategory.com @

dig +short nudity.testcategory.com @

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