DNS for not showing, flash. funnels. msgsndr. com showing replica

My site: the property powerhouse (.) com

I have recorded 34. 68. 234. 4 to funnel emails in my DNS. When trying to link the domain to HighLevel account, it gives me the error message: Couldn’t find a C NAME /A record pointing thepropertypowerhouse to flash. funnels. msgsndr. com
HighLevel is stating it is a DNS record error.

I tried using C NAME flash. funnels. msgsndr. com; Cloudflare states An A, A AAA, or C NAME record with that host already exists. (Code: 81 053)
Which I understand since I have the A 34. 68. 234. 4, but nothing seems to be working or communicating with HighLevel site for me to create email funnels.

I have been fighting with this error message for 1-2 days now.

Please help!!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

If you need a CNAME to be published as a CNAME, which is often the case when using one to verify with another service, you need to set it to :grey: DNS Only. When you leave it :orange: Proxied the name is published as an A and AAAA records that point to Cloudflare proxy IPs.

See this Community Tutorial for more information.

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