DNS Flush / Reset?

I have been told by Go Daddy advanced support that I need to do a cloudflare DNS flush / reset to resolve some issues we are having.

How do I do this?

For your personal domain? Not required. DNS changes update globally in under 30 seconds. If your record is :orange: the visible IP address will not change as we are proxying the request to your origin. The target of that proxying will be updated on Cloudflare however within seconds.

What issues are you having?

Go Daddy support said the DNS is not showing consistent since we made changes a few months ago. This is causing email deliverability issues. They said flushing the DNS is the common fix. They had several people look into the issue and they all agreed it is a DNS issue. (settings are all correct). Just not always displaying properly.

Specifically we switch to microsoft exchange servers (365) a few months ago and now almost everything goes to SPAM. Even internally. They said its because the DNS is not showing consistent which is not allowing emails to be authenticated. So it all goes to spam.

What is the domain, and what records did they say are appearing inconsistently?

strategosintl.com They were not specific on what records. Sorry.

I would get in touch and ask, but the really obvious stuff looks okay, assuming you only send mail from Office 365.

ok…I found the cloudflare dns cache reset last night and did that. Did, A, CNAME and MX records. Maybe that resolved it. It seems better today.


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