DNS Flattening. Domain Redirecting To Old Cloudflare Kajabi site 402 error

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to get my www back from Kajabi. I first used cloudflare with Kajabi, then I switched to Teachable. I deleted all of my records and rules from my DNS records and then added the new records from Teachable.
After doing so:

  1. I received an error message stating my root domain already exists and is being flattened.
  2. the root domain points to the correct site, but the www. portion redirects to a Kajabi site stating my site is inactive. I am receiving a 402 error.
  3. I contacted both Kajabi, Teachable, and Cloudflare support.
  4. I searched the community for similar inquiries.

There has been a lot of back and forth for 2 weeks.

Teachable says Kajabi needs to release my domain. Kajabi says it’s teachable needs to fix the domain issue. I haven’t heard back from Cloudflare support yet.

From a community search it looks like this happens a lot. HOWEVER, the responses to everyone’s issues all seem to be totally different, with it looking as if the issue was closed before being properly resolved. I feel like I am missing some threads in those responses. I am new, so maybe I am unable to view the steps that were actually taken???

If anyone can help me. I would appreciate it. I feel like my domain name is being held hostage and I am supposed to do a big launch tomorrow.

This has been going on for 2 weeks.

Thanks soooo much!

Hi @glowson,

Generally the easiest way is for your old provider to remove your domain from their config to allow the new provider to get it working with theirs.

As they both seem to be telling you to talk to the other one, Cloudflare will probably need to sort this.

Do you have a ticket number from Cloudflare Support? I can then escalate this thread and your ticket.

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Hi! Thanks so much for your response. I spoke to Kajabi, and told them what you said. They were finally figured that it was on their end and have removed my domain from their end. Evidently, I had not disconnected the domain myself when I canceled??? But I still don’t know how I was able to successfully use the root, and both domain versions on another platform in between having the Kajabi and teachable accounts.

I didn’t know a platform could hold onto your domain like that. That was a lesson I was very shocked to learn! Now I know. :scream: :astonished:

Thanks again for your help. It very much seemed to move things along! :smiley:

My domain root still shows as flattening, so I don’t know what to do about that.

Looks like they closed my ticket as being resolved right after I sent it. ??? Who knows about the flattening. All seems to be fine otherwise.

Thanks again!

They’re not holding onto your domain, as such. It’s awkward as both providers use Cloudflare, when you verify your hostname with them, they get control of the Cloudflare settings until they remove that or you have to ask Cloudflare to do that manually.

If you have a CNAME record for your root domain, it will always be flattened. You can’t usually have a CNAME on the root at all, Cloudflare allows you to get around this requirement by using flattening.

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