DNS Family doesn't work?

DNS Family doesn’t work?
I chose the option “Malware and Adult Content Blocking Together * *”.

Already added the DNS configuration to my WiFi Adapter settings (TP Link WN722N) Applied the settings, and even restarted my computer. I decided to check the adult site, but it doesn’t work! It goes to the site as usual! I don’t know what else to do, how to get this DNS to work?

The strange thing is that, for some reason my DNS is reset to these parameters, I write *" After a while it changed to another.



Okay, I solved the problem. It turned out that I was using Cloudflare DNS in Edge browser (No Family) and it was not blocking adult content. Now I removed it in the settings and in the DNS settings of the WIFI adapter put the settings I wanted. Now it’s blocking fine.

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