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We have a web server hosted on the DigitalOcean cloud platform. Occasionally, we face downtime, so we’ve decided to set up redundancy by adding a secondary server. The goal is that when the primary server is down, the secondary server should take over.

We’ve acquired a secondary server on the AWS cloud platform. Now, we have one domain with two public IP addresses. Can I set up failover for these two public IP addresses to point to one domain name? In other words, when the primary server is down, the domain should automatically point to the secondary server.

Could you please confirm if this setup is feasible or suggest any alternative solutions?

Use the load balancer…

which method of load balancer would I prefer?
Active - Passive Failover Or Active-Active Failover.

According to the explanation you make above, e.g. those parts:

It sounds to me like you will always be pointing towards DigitalOcean.

And ONLY if DigitalOcean appears to be down, you will then move traffic to the AWS.

In other words, traffic will NEVER go to AWS, unless DigitalOcean is down.

If this sounds correct according to your wishes, I would look at Active - Passive, with DigitalOcean being in the primary group, and AWS being in the secondary group.

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Thanks! @DarkDeviL

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I need help in setup a load balancer in Active - Passive failover mode.

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