DNS Failover settings

I have the main server at datacenter A and redundant server and location B.

I want to create an automatic failover when, the system will notice no response for server A (about 10 seconds) it will automatically shift to server B. and will send me a notice (email) .

To reverse that I will do it manually.

Does someone know , how to set up these settings?

I would do this as a script on Server B using an API call to update the DNS record.


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Can’t I just set it up some where in the DNS settings on cloud Flare?

Yes, using Cloudflare’s load balancer: What is server failover? | Failover meaning | Cloudflare

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I tried it, but I guess I have the settings wrong.

I believe you need two pools. The primary, and the failover. I think this what they mean by Active-Passive failover.


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