Dns failed to resolve in some region

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Failed to resolve dns records in some region

Url mc.moemc.free.hr

DNS failed to resolve at the time this thread was posted and now it’s working fine. May I know why DNS failed to resolve that time?

Maybe it might have could be this:

Hello @sdayman . Thank you for your support. But the time does’t match exactly… Our DNS have resolve issue at around 2024-04-09 11:00 UTC, while the incedent was reported at Apr 08, 2024 - 22:02 UTC…

Sorry, I don’t recall you mentioning the time…or much else that would help troubleshoot the issue.

Sorry for the confusion… I should have include all the infomation at first. May I know why DNS failed to resolve that time ? Is there any outage around that time?

Hi all. May I know if I could get any response form this case?

This isn’t a support case. It’s just a conversation that you started in a public online forum. There is unlikely to be any answer available here as to why you encountered any particular failure in DNS resolution over a week ago.

You are most likely not seeing continued engagement with your topic, as no one can answer your question with the minimal information that was provided. Unless the issue is ongoing, more detail is unlikely to be helpful at this time.

Hello @epic.network . May I know where could I open a support ticket for my issue? Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t expect that you will be able to find any answer to your question on a support ticket, either. Your question is most likely unanswerable. I say this not to discourage you from opening a ticket, but rather to set your expectations appropriately.

Tickets are opened from your Cloudflare account dashboard. Issues other than registrar, account, and billing require a paid plan.


Thank you epic. I will look into this and consider upgrade to a paid plan.

May I know if I upgrade to paid plan, will cloudflare engineer analyse my backend logs at that time and find out the root cause of the issue?

Please do not upgrade your plan in the hope of getting this question answered in a support request. I don’t want to see you disappointed.

I expect that this question is likely to never be answered. Too much time has passed and even before, the odds were very much against finding an answer to such a question.

But technically, CF engineer could fetch backend logs and see why my dns was not working right? And it’s only been about one week…

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