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I just switched nameservers over to Cloudflare and my email stopped working. Got that fixed with the recommended DNS record changes but I have a question regarding the A record warning that states that I am exposing the IP behind auto-config which I have proxied through Cloudflare. To fix this change its proxy status. But changing the proxy status is what fixes the email issues, it is even shown in the help videos. So do I worry about this exposure or is there a fix or what?

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Exposing your origin IP address is unavoidable if you host email on the same server as your website.


So is there anything to do to limit the risk or is it really not a huge concern? I mean if it were that risky or bad one would think Cloudflare or the web host wouldn’t let you do it.

It’s no more risky than standard hosting. But one of the advantages of Cloudflare is that your origin IP address isn’t publicized, so attackers won’t so easily be able to bypass Cloudflare. The risk is generally small unless someone goes out of their way to target your site.

Well thanks for the information, I’ll take the risk. Not much of a site to worry about and the speed increase moving my name servers to Cloudflare is more than worth it. Again thanks!

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