DNS Errors Occurred (Reverse DNS) - Email Deliverability Error in Cpanel

My cPanel is showing an error (was working ok) in the Email Deliverability section.

DNS Errors Occurred (Reverse DNS) - This system does not control DNS for the "my_domain.com" domain. Contact the person responsible for the "arnold.ns.cloudflare.com" and the "jill.ns.cloudflare.com" name servers and request they update the record.

The system failed to complete validation of “my_domain.com”’s “PTR” because of an error: (XID 7gvuen) DNS query (105.XX.XXX.XX.in-addr.arpa/PTR) timeout!

How can I go about fixing this?

Other info:
The domain is registered using AWS Route53, has been setup for months now.

Also - for the PTR record, I see people say it should not be in the DNS settings of Cloudflare… so should it go in my AWS Route53 records, or in the Cpanel?

That IP address is flipped around, so I have no idea who it belongs to since you blocked out what’s really the first couple of numbers.

Here’s another PTR discussion that might help:

I’m not sure what you mean by flipped around? Not sure if it is safe to post the full IP publicly, so I just hid the numbers after the first set. The order of the string is the order that the error message displays.

A PTR for an IP address of looks like

Since you showed the 105, that’s the end of the IP address. Without the beginning two numbers, I don’t know if that’s a Cloudflare IP address, or one that belongs to your host server. Do you know which it is?

Hmm seems odd, but ok… the numbers from the fourth part are 67

Then that means the IP address they want a PTR for is something like 67.xx.xx.105, which probably matches the “A” record for your email server. 67. is not a Cloudflare network, and as my earlier link explained, can’t be PTR-set at Cloudflare.

Ok, I didn’t think the IP was from Cloudflare as that is the email server IP.

So I still don’t know how to resolve the Reverse DNS error for the two Cloudflare (The first paragraph of the error). How can I contact someone at Cloudflare to resolve this?

Do you have an idea where the PTR should be saved?

Is there actually an email deliverability problem for your domain? Have you been sending and receiving email successfully?

Yes - it seems that some emails are getting flagged as spam and not getting through… as well I had a hard refusal from 1 provider a few days ago.

You haven’t posted your domain name, so I can’t see what’s really going on, but give these a try:

They’ll let you know what you should do to stop having your email go to spam.

I’ve tested the domain name…

I’m trying to find out how to report to Cloudflare the issue as instructed in my first post. And where to put the PTR record thing as Cloudflare says to not put it on Cloudflare.

@ppkapo Did you find a way to setup PTR with Cloudflare properly?

You cannot create a PTR for Cloudflare owned IP addresses. This is never an issue, nothing will ever receive email from the IP addresses used for :orange: hostnames, so they will not perform a rDNS lookup in those IPs.

If you own your own or have been delegated some IP space (generally you need to be a LIR), then you can add the reverse zones to cloudflare, and create PTR records there. Otherwise, you need to contact whoever owns the IP address range you are in.