DNS Error (Strato.de) Website Down

I have tried changing nameservers on the “strato[dot]de” third time and whenever I change site goes down.
I get error 404, When I ask host they say we cannot do anything because nameservers are not with us anymore.
My website is comfortaid[dot]de
nameservers are : ali.ns.Cloudflare.com, norman.ns.Cloudflare.com
It’s been more than 24 hrs and my website is down.

Kindly have a look and let me know what’s going on

Your host is either lazy or incompetent. DNS for your hostname points right at the web server at Strato.

First, make sure your DNS records here match exactly what your DNS records at Strato show. If all that matches up, ask your host to fix the server. Or get a new host.

Hi @digiguy9892,

Strato actually make it deliberately difficult to use external DNS like Cloudflare

They say:

The IP address of the STRATO web server is not a fixed IP address but is changed at irregular intervals. The use of Cloudflare is therefore unfortunately not possible in STRATO’s STRATO Hosting Portfolio under the current conditions of Cloudflare.

Personally, I would recommend @sdayman’s option


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