DNS Error or Nameserver Issue


 My site stopped working this morning. Last week, a google tech erroneously told me to change things I shouldnt have an now this is the 2nd time its went down. It involves my "Txt, A, or AAAA" record or nameserver or both. I went to Go daddy support and I checked a few other things. I think I see the problem, but I dont know how to fix it. 

Should I change the nameservers?
Should I go add an “A” Record? I believe that is my site Ip address which I dont have. Someone else helped me set up the site. See screenshots.

Please help. Im losing money.

What is your domain?

Domain is www.vaaccreditedagent.com

I don’t see any DNS records, even NS records for that domain. This means that you are not set up to use Cloudflare or any other hosting service. You need to set everything up.

You should probably contact whoever helped you set up the site.

It may have been set up on Cloudflare at one time, but WHOIS shows four Cloudflare name servers for that domain. It should only be two.

At this point, your easiest course of action would be to change all the name servers to be the ones your host recommends for your site. That should at least get your DNS to be more manageable with your host’s help.

I changed the nameservers and now I see DNS records. Can you check again now?

I see you’re now using GoDaddy name servers, and your DNS records point to Google Hosting. It may take up to 48 hours for those DNS records to fully propagate. You can check this at DNSChecker.org

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