DNS error only on mobile site

I previously had a CNAME that would redirects my mobile site to Duda mobile. I would like to turn off that redirect since I now have a mobile responsive website through [Web.com]. I tried deleting the CNAME that start with “m”, but then I could not access the site at all on a mobile phone.

I am still having the same problem opening up my website on a mobile device. ( it works fine on desktop) I get different error messages.

“Server cannot be found”.

“DNS probe finished NXDomain”

Err Name Not Resolved

As I said earlier I deleted the CNAME which previously redirected my website to a Duda mobile site that I am now no longer using. My new website is mobile responsive.

Is this a matter of waiting 24-48 hours or is there a problem in the configuration?

Where is the redirect happening (the mere existence of a m. record doesn’t do that)?

Do you have mobile redirects turned on in Cloudflare? If so that needs to be disabled. The lack of an m. record along with the current redirect is pointing the user to a record which no longer exists (hence the nxdomain response).

Mobile redirect is already off

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