DNS Error on New Site


Just adding a new site and pointed DNS to Cloudflare but what do I do so it can go to hosting provider?

OH and also on my other site andrewmondia.com I get a 500error message but site still loads.

Your DNS records at Cloudflare should match the DNS records at your hosting provider.

I’m not seeing a 500 error for your .com website. Did the loaded site you saw have an “Always Online” header across the top?

The 500 error happens here on Cloudflare when accessing a particular service. I am a free user at the moment. My website itself is fine on www.andrewmondia.com.

As for DNS records… I use hostmetro and cannot seem to connect app in my cpanel to Cloudflare. I am told to use nameservers


I changed cname to theintuitivetraveller.com deleted anything pointing to porkbun

Hi @am1star,

Can you describe what you mean by that, and ideally post a screenshot?

Found where it happens… speed section

andrewmondia.com returned status code 500.

Make sure hostname fetches successfully to proceed with speed analysis.

As for other issues that was the main… unsure what to do with DNS entries.

The Speed test has occasional problems. I suggest you open a Support Ticket and let them know:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Ok Thank-you will do. Wondering how to add in MX code so it will be safe for me. cause I get orange when I enter info in.

If your web server is also your mail server, you’re going to get a warning for exposing your web server’s IP address. There’s no way around that if they’re both on the same server.

Still confused on MX.

You need an MX record here that matches the MX record your host provided to you in your admin panel over there.

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