Dns error on my site

Yesterday, to speed up my site, I connected it to the Cloudflare account but after setting the Cloudflare dns on my service provider, since this morning I was getting a sitename/wprocket error…
And I had to put back the original dns

Hi @giulio.lastarza,

What kind of error is it?
Your trouble does not look like it is related to DNS.

Like any status codes?
Do you know if the error is coming from Cloudflare or your hosting?

Can you try to pause Cloudflare/Bypass cache instead of setting it back on your old DNS if you intend to continue using Cloudflare Proxy?

Thank you.


Yes exactly, as I try to enable my site in CF my site doesn’t open anymore and in the url I get domainname/wp-content-cache/wp-rocket/www.domainname/articlename

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