DNS Error not able to solve!

I’ve added my website to Cloudflare and now it’s down and showing Origin DNS error Error 1016. I’m not able to correct the DNS as I’m getting Content for CNAME record is invalid. (Code: 9007)!
Any advice please?
Thank you

Well, what content are you trying to use for the CNAME record? It should be something like


not something like


Thank you. My DNS CNAME looks like this:

Is it ok?

That can’t work as you do not have a resolve-to.www entry.

If you want your naked domain to point to www, then you’d need to configure www. However, www shows the same DNS error.

From what I can tell, your entries should all point to an X.X.X.2 IP address. Make sure that’s configured.

Alternatively, you can also pause Cloudflare and have your host verify your DNS settings, as only your host can really confirm that.

What you can try is configure your naked domain for www and set your www entry to mentioned .2 address. But you should still discuss this with your host as you may need to fix the other entries as well.

Thank you so much for replying Sandro. I’ve been having trouble for the last 2 days and my website is still down. I tried to change the record to point to the IP address but I got this message:
CNAME record is invalid. (Code: 9007)

It’s not a CNAME entry, but an A entry.

But as mentioned, you really best pause Cloudflare and discuss your setup with your host, as there may be more to configure than just that IP address.

Thank you. I’ve already been in touch with them and I’m trying to solve this issue at both end. I’ll keep speaking with them. :slight_smile:

To get your site to load, you can follow DNS Error not able to solve! - #7 by sandro, but as mentioned you should really verify that with your host.

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