DNS Error Message


I’m getting the following error when I log in to Cloudflare. I assume this is related to DNS somehow? Any ideas what could be causing it?

API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/1d1193d50f21ae2b958f85c7b98a630d/intel/attack-surface-report/checkers/spf_check (502)


I believe it is related and may I suggest to take a look at the topic from below:

Thanks for the link, I had stumbled across that thread earlier.

My concern with the link was that this link backdates to Dec 21. Therefore, if the issue is still outstanding/unresolved, it’s unlikely Cloudflare has got a hold of the issue …

I would rather say it’s a cosmetic notice - thing as far as dashboard functionality is not affected and it is working fine until they resolve it.

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