DNS Error: Google Merchant can't reach feed on free plan but website accessible

Hi there,

we have about 70 WordPress websites with one managed WordPress host (on many IPs) plus about 20 WordPress websites on a few self-managed servers. Most of them are on the free Cloudflare plan, a few are on the basic paid plan. We manage most of the plans (all paid, most free ones), about 10 of the free are managed by other Cloudflare account owners.
The sites on the managed WordPress host only have IPv4 addresses.

On all websites with the free Cloudflare plan we get some DNS error for about a week now: The Google Merchant Center can’t connect (anymore), the connection to the server can not be established.
Within our managed hosting dashboard of all those websites the DNS entries show a warning now: “DNS settings invalid” - the website can still be reached, if I open the URL. But Google Merchant Center can’t reach it, automatic WordPress updates don’t run at night.

We use the SSL setting “full”, also tried “full (strict)”, both the same result.

As soon as I deactivate the Cloudflare proxy routing, (changing the cloud to gray) the Google Merchant feed works again and the warning in the hosting panel disappears.
Having the proxy routing activated, when upgrading to the basic paid plan, the problems disappear immediately, as well.

It does not seem to be the issue of the host, as we experience the same issues on the self-hosted servers, too. Plus deactivating the Cloudflare routing solves it (but of course we want to continue to use Cloudflare).
It does not seem to be the issue of our CF account, as the few websites with other Cloudflare accounts experience the same issues, too.

We have contacted our managed host nevertheless, they have a proxy detection system; but their dig constantly shows a DNS error, if CF proxy activated (one example domain, the deleted lines are for other domains that do not run through CF): This website runs on the free CF plan

Any ideas what could have changed last week? Currently, we have the proxy deactivated for most sites, any ideas on how to get them back running through CF? What more could I look into?
Thanks for your help,

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