Dns Error for root domain but www works fine

I have both cname DNS records for both shindigz.com and www.shindigz.com. WWW works fine, root gives error 1001 dns resolution error. i have looked through the community and seen a couple of similar topics but nothing that help me resolve. Any ideas? Thank you!!

That domain is not on Cloudflare. If your site isn’t working, you’d need to contact the people (bloomreach?) to make sure their target is properly configured for your hostnames.

How long have you been getting this error? If you just signed up for Cloudflare, it may take a few minutes before the site is globally distributed!

thank but bloomreach told us to check Heroku and they said they are through cloudfare so i am just getting the runaround…any ideas how i know exactly who i should be talking to? Thanks again!

we have actually been live since march so its not a timing issue. we just noticed about the root the other day though since most browsers auto add the www. Thank you

Is your hosting provider down?

I’d say Bloomrush. You are not even a Cloudflare customer (no offense meant), so there’s nothing you can do. If Bloomrush wants you to CNAME your hostname to them, they need to figure out a way to make that work.


You can’t technically CNAME a non-www (naked domain), so you’d always have to find a workaround. See my next reply for solution.

My suggestion is that you leave ‘www’ alone since it works, but find a way to get the root to redirect to ‘www’. When I register a domain at Gandi, they actually let me do a “Domain Redirect” for a specific hostname, which would work in this situation.

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