Dns error filezilla: help!

Hi, I am having problems since I signed up for cloudflare.

I recently lost photos in my website after I signed up for cloudflare – not sure if its connected.

Other than that, I also cannot connect to Filezilla. Help!!

I have no background so i feel a bit lost specially if it is technical. However, I have read the other posts but still encounter the problem. I have changed the ftp dns record to grey, but i still cannot connect.

Can someone help me?

As you already found you need the record to be :grey: to connect.

Whats the hostname you are trying to connect to?

Hostname is my website right? or is it the one with the ftp. etc


That record is not proxied and does point straight to your server. If you cant connect, make sure the IP address is correct, and if it is, contact your host for further assistance.

Hehe, how do I make sure that the IP address is correct? :slight_smile:

You need to know that address. If you dont, you need to contact your host as well.

Thank you

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