Dns error error 1066

please i cant access my wp site admin, it says origin dns error

Did you check the search for the error message?

where i am new to the community if you can help me i appreciate it or send me the link

You can use https://community.cloudflare.com/search

i just did all that but still does not work it says cname error

Which steps did you follow?

the steps in the link you sent me

Can you elaborate on the exact steps you tried to fix this? That will help determining what you already tried.

Where did you find that you should try that?

i tried but still does not work

man i still cant resolve it, please if there is any video that explain this send it to me i spend 3 hours looking for a solution , i wonder if i delete my account from cloudeflare would help

There’s lots on the forum, hence why I suggested to use the search and mention what you tried based on your search.

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