DNS error being reported

Hi my customer out of South Africa are reporting that they can’t reach my site https://bizown.ga. that are getting the following error: This site can’t be reached

bizown.ga ’s server IP address could not be found.


This has been reported since yesterday. But I didn’t raise an incident because Cloudflare reported having issues. It currently says all systems are working but my clients out South Africa continue to report a error when trying to access my site.

Hi :slight_smile:

That issue was not DNS related. Please read this one

Thanks Mark for the tip. I’ve contacted my hosting provider with your suggestions. Tell me something though. From your end, do get the same error when try and acces the site?

Currently not. Were you able to fix it?

Working:slightly_smiling_face: the site is working now, thank you so much, you’re the best!

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Hello. It’s back. The same error I was getting last week is back

please help

Your domain is on a partner setup. You need to contact your host about that issue. It would seem as they somehow misconfigured your domain.

It looks like your browser error, change dns into google’s and

Thank you so much all. The site is working now I’ll continue to monitor. Thanks again much appreciated

I am afraid your DNS server still is misconfigured. It still returns the same CNAME regardless of what you ask it for. Your host still needs to fix that. For example, mail wont work either.

Okay so what do i tell my host

That your DNS setup is completely messed up.

The site on my side is working. I believe the misconfiguration issue is solved now. Please confirm if you still find an error on your side. So that I can revert back to the host. Thank you for everything. Very much appreciated

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