DNS error after starting using CloudFlare DNS on 4G/LTE

I’ve just subscribed a CloudFlare plan and changed the DNS of my website.
Everything is now active and work well from home’s internet connection (on my Mac I’ve already setted the CloudFlare DNS).
The issue is from smart phone connected with 4G/LTE: I got this error message on all bowsers (Chrome, Safari, etc): ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
Already asked to my domain and host provider but they told me that the issue is on CloudFlare…
Please someone could help me? :slight_smile: I’m not a network expert…

The website is: www.chaletdesarts.com

Also tested on DNSSEC Analyzer - chaletdesarts.com an found some errors…


I don’t think those errors are the issue. You domain is not using DNSSEC, so that shouldn’t apply.

If you’ve just changed your DNS, it can take up to 48 hours for the records to propagate. Right now, I’m seeing some gaps in propagation at dnschecker.org

Hi, thanks!

The stranger thing is that it happens especially from my iPhone (my wife’s iphone too) and doesn’t happen from others devices… it seems that happen from devices that previously connected to the website.

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