Dns # Error 1016

Our website www.nutraworld.com.br is down

The DNS settings in Cloudflare are correct, pointing to, but checking the domain in https://dnschecker.org/ shows and

Can anyone help?

That is incorrect. nutraworld.com.br is using that IP, but www.nutraworld.com.br is using the following:

dig +short www.nutraworld.com.br

That however, is not resolving:

dig +short www.nutraworld.com.br.cdn.vtex.com

You’ll have to contact Vtex and find out why your site is no longer working.

Did you change the DNS records from Proxied to DNS-only? Right now, I can’t see Cloudflare IPs for your domain.

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Dear all,

VTEX support said that the PROXY Status setting in Cloudflare cannot be enabled.

After this change, the domain is active again.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this ticket