DNS entry with Groove page and Swiss Host/Provider

I’d be grateful to any help with DNS.
I have my host provider in switzerland.
I want to publish my site built with Groove page on my own domain.
In order to verify domain, Groove gives me 2 names for …ns.cloudflare…
After I registered on cloudflare, to send/receive emails, I receive different 2 names from cloudflare, which I need to enter at my swiss provider, where I have the account and all securities.

  1. Either way I need to change anyhow the names of the servers (xy…ns.cloudflare…) on Groove site or
  2. on Cloudflare. How can I do this? I see an option to buy a business account for 200$/mt at cloudflare in order to change the names …ns.cloudflare… ->This is realy no option for me. I already have everything in Switzerland.
    What can I do?
    How can I connect between Groove, cloudflare and my swiss host/provider?
    Thank you very much.

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