DNS Entry not updating

I’m unsure what I made wrong.

I added a TXT Entry to the DNS of one of my domains.
It didn’t changed. So I changed the TTL to 1min after 30min. But still no change recognizable with DNS Lookup. What could I have mad wrong?

Or are there any chances that there are performance issue with Cloudflare?

It is very unlikely to be an issue with Cloudflare - you may have set the record wrongly or Cloudflare may not actually be active on your domain.

The best way to test is to use dig at the command line:

dig +trace TXT example.com

And replace example.com with the full name of the TXT record. The output at the end should show you the record - an immediately above that will be the authoritative nameservers that responded - which if you’re using Cloudflare would be xxxx.ns.cloudflare.com.


Where do I find the command line?

@luis.rieke it would depend on your operating system. For Macs, you can just search for “Terminal” in the search. For Windows, it is typically called “Command Prompt” - here’s a guide:

Windows supports nslookup which doesn’t have a +trace mode. But you can do nslookup -q=txt example.com or use online tools such as https://www.nslookup.io/domains/example.com/dns-records/txt/ to check the view of a DNS record from elsewhere in the world.

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