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Hi, i have a DNS entry pointing to test.domain.com, how can i add /alternator to it. so it will look like this at the end. testdomaincom/alternator can any one help?

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You are referring to the path, which is not part of DNS. DNS only had information about the hostname. The path is found on your server.

Can you provide more detail about what you are hoping to accomplish?

Hi Yes sure, so we have an external DNS pointing to one of our applications for example customer.mycompany.com that part is working fine, but I need to add another entry that looks like this customer.mycompany.com/survey, not sure how to do this but is working in our internal DNS without having to add anything different. not sure if this make sense to you.

It does not make sense because what you describe cannot be done in DNS. Nothing to the right of the TLD is part of DNS. I don’t know what you are doing internally, but it is not in your DNS. It sounds like you might be employing HTTP redirection, but you may need to involve someone with better grasp of how DNS and HTTP work to accomplish your desired outcome.

Assuming that the /survey content exists on the public internet, you could recreate the internal HTTP redirect on Cloudflare using the new Redirect Rules(beta). It does require that the hostname in question is :orange: Proxied.

Take a look at example 6 in this guide. It may be what you are after.

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