DNS entry appears in dashboard but cannot be queried

I have Traefik setup as a reverse proxy and it is responsible for handling getting my certificate from Lets Encrypt. I’ve had this working in the past but suddenly my lets encrypt registration is failing. I look at the logs for traefik and it says that the insertion of the TXT record for validation is failing. I look in Cloudflare and “_acme-challenge” exists with tthe prescribed content. Thinking this is strange I poke it with nslookup, nothing.

It appears as though my record is getting properly pushed by traefik into Cloudflare, but the name servers are not hosting the record. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here? In the picture attached I loaded the page, saw the record there, ran nslookup (got nothing) and then refreshed the page to ensure that Cloudflare still says the record is there. Everything should be working.

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