DNS entries not resolving with certain DNS servers

If I uses,, or several other I can not resolve my Domain. I am told there is no entry for it. I have cleared my browser cache I have cleared my DNS cache and I have cleared the cache in Cloudflare. still If I try and ping the domain it does not resolve as if there is no DNS record. I moved the entry from my main Cloudflare account to its own Cloudflare account, same issue.

If I change my DNS to it all works without issue. so why are the records not propagating to the other DNS server. it also works on some ISP DNS servers

What’s the domain?

the domain is buildyourpergola .com

It appears to be DNSSEC related.


Did you have DNSSEC setup before moving the Domain to Cloudflare and if so (and it wasn’t disabled prior to the transfer), have you made sure it’s setup again within Cloudflare?

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it wasn’t set up in the first Cloudflare account and it isn’t set up in the current one, their registrar is network solutions which doesn’t support it without some sort of extra fee which they don’t have, So it doesn’t look like it has been set up anywhere.

I having caching turned on and a forwarding rule, could that be causing the issue you are seeing?

so, as it turns out, it was recently moved from one registrar to a new one, so its possible it was set up in the old registrar in the old DNS settings? is there a way to tell who I need to contact to get it removed, would the current registrar be able to help me with that?

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