DNS entries for Subdomain with A Record

Hello guys,

i want to setup a ssl certificate for a subdomain. I added the subdomain with an a record pointing to the ip address. Now i need to create two challenge dns entries. Is there a way to add the two records to the subdomain? At the moment i can only add them to my gobal domain.

So now same information:
Main Domain: chickentom.ga
Sub Domain: download.chickentom.ga

2 cname records need to added to “download.chickentom.ga”

At the moment i only can make this entry on the main domain “chickentom.ga”

Thanks for your help.


This has to be done at the host.

All subdomain records go on the same DNS page as the main domain records. And the “Name” for that record would only be “download” because the rest of the domain name is understood.

If you post a screenshot of what you’re trying to input, we can provide more assistance.

Thanks for the answer.

Now i got it. First i tried the entry without adding the the subdomain on the end of the name and then i thought there could be a seperate page for every subdomain. But thanks to you i solved it.

A simple word can change the world.

Thanks, i appreciate your help.

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