DNS entries for MX and SPF gets reverted on its own

Domain: freak.no

I use the CFs email product to forward emails for my domains. For this one domain the DNS settings keeps reverting to what they were before I enabled the email product, effectively disabling it. The MX record is reverted, and the SPF that CF adds is removed, causing issues with email delivery.

This has now occurred twice.

Any insights into what could be going on?

Check your audit logs to see what is making the change.

If you have shared an API key or your Cloudflare credentials with a service, such as Ezoic, it may be making changes on your behalf.

Thanks for the tip. I checked the audit log and there are zero entries between me re-adding it the last time and this time.

It has happened again. MX 10 has been set to an old value, SPF is gone. No edits by anyone in the audit log.

Maybe it happens because I edit the SPF manually to add an ipv4:-value? The SPF is valid, but maybe the Email Router product somehow detects the SPF has changed and disables the product and revert to old settings?

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