DNS email security

I saw this on the internet and wish to determine if I should take any steps to protect my website by making changes to my DNS settings


Cloudflare DNS is a fast, resilient and easy-to-manage authoritative DNS service. It delivers excellent performance and reliability to your domain while also protecting your business from DDoS attacksOpen external link and route leaks and hijackingOpen external link.

Cloudflare Managed DNS comes with built-in DNSSEC to protect your users from on-path attacks that can spoof or hijack your DNS records . DNSSEC adds an additional layer of security at every level in the DNS lookup process.

Multi-signer DNSSEC consists of two models that allow different authoritative DNS providers to serve the same zone and have DNSSEC enabled at the same time.

See : Multi-signer DNSSEC · Cloudflare DNS docs

Multi-provider DNS is an optional setting for zones using full setup and is an enforced default behaviour for zones using secondary setup.

See : Nameserver options · Cloudflare DNS docs

You can also check the following thread on community for more info:

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