DNS Email Records Misconfigured

Under the Email Routing section of my account, it states I have to delete my email DNS MX records for Zoho mail and add CF MX records. Zoho mail stated I needed to have those DNS MX records for my mailbox account. What is the best course of action?

Instead of Cloudflare email, you may use Zoho Mail’s email security (e.g., SPF, DMARC, DKIM). It still has the same configuration.

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That really depends on whether or not you want to use Cloudflare’s email routing or not.

If you aren’t planning to use CF for email, then don’t worry about it. If you want to take advantage of the powerful features CF email provides, then you need to change your MX records to Cloudflare.

You should consider, of course, that the Email service provided by Cloudflare is still a beta, so it may not be suitable for your use case. For my use case, if they would let me into the beta, I would change in a heartbeat.

In essence, if you change the MX records to point to CF instead, you are not removing Zoho. Instead, you are putting Cloudflare in front of Zoho, much like Cloudflare is “in front of” your web servers. When someone wants to send you an email, the message will be received by Cloudflare first, and then relayed to wherever you choose (such as Zoho). This is incredibly powerful, because it allows you to do fancy things like “split delivery” ([email protected] has mail at zoho, but maybe [email protected] prefers proton (or gmail, or ?? ). Split delivery makes that possible in a way that Zoho alone cannot (gmail can, but they make it horribly difficult)). Or perhaps you want to move your company from Zoho to something else (gmail, O365, proton, whatever…). If you are using Cloudflare’s email service, it’s a simple change, and your DNS never has to change. No propagation, no confusion. And with split delivery, you can migrate customers gradually; no need to move everyone to the new service all at once.

It’s an incredibly powerful feature in its own right, even before the recent Area1 acquisition, which opens up even more possibilities.

If only they would let me keep my “vanity”/“custom” nameservers…

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Thank you. I appreciate the answer.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I can see how CF Email Security is a huge advantage with powerful features.

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