DNS / email problems


I recently made changes to my DNS records on Cloudflare as instructed by Wix in order to authenticate my email. However, since making these changes, I have encountered issues where I am no longer able to receive or send emails. I suspect that the changes I made to the DNS records are the cause of this problem.

Could someone please provide guidance on how to revert these DNS record changes in order to restore email functionality?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You can review your audit log for details of changes that you made. You can also share your domain here, and community members will most likely help you make the necessary improvements to your DNS.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m reviewing my audit log right now. However I struggle to understand how to undo the actions I made.
Could you please let me know how to reverse the DNS record changes?

In addition, you mentioned to share my domain here so the community can help me. What exactly I need to share?

Thank you in advance!

You need to add records containing the values that you deleted. If you cannot find them in your audit log, you will need to consult with your providers to identify those values

Your domain name is a good start. Providing more information can make it easier for others to help you.

Sorry, who’s my provider? and how to contact them? Indeed, I do not have the records that I deleted…

Surely you have some idea of who hosts your website and who hosts your email. You normally have to pay them. If you cannot remember, you could always review your company accounts payable ledger to see of you recognize any payees as your hosting provider or providers.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I purchased the domain through Cloudflare with Apple, I’m using Mail of Apple to receive / send my emails. That makes Apple my provider? Am I correct? So what I need to do is to contact Apple to get my initial DNS records?

This article may help.

Thank you for your answer.
Apple could not give me an answer either…
So I decided to remove custom email domain to iCloud Mail, purchased with Cloudflare and delete my custom email from Cloudflare.
Could you please let me know what needs to be done in the Cloudflare dashboard in order to delete the my email?
Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you

If you are asking how to disable Cloudflare Email Routing, this guide covers it.

I did not do any email routing. My main problems is the DNS records, which I modified, and nobody can give the original ones… So I decided to delete once and for all the email associated with my domain. Does it make sense?
I’d like to buy another business mail account outside of Cloudflare, and I want to make sure that all the settings here in Cloudflare is deleted. Does it make sense?
Please let me know if I understood everything correctly

I just need to go to my DNS records, and delete everything. Am I correct?

What I mean is that how can I cancel my email subscription with Cloudflare?

Without knowing the domain and which specific records you are concerned about, it is hard to answer your question, especially when you ask if you should delete all of your DNS records. Surely you can understand why I am reluctant to suggest that you should delete everything when I have no idea what is included in everything.

The provider you choose for your domain email should have details on what records you need to configure. If you want to share some specific records and ask the Community if you need them, we can try to answer that.

Cloudflare doesn’t offer any email subscription, so I don’t know what you want to cancel.