Dns down for ringoai.com no ping/site/email etc

please check


all my other domains are resolving fine, but ringoai_com is down for all dns lookups, so our gmail/website etc. is not resolving

C:\Users\hurley>nslookup ringoai_com
Server: cdns01_comcast_net
Address: 2001:558:feed::1

*** cdns01.comcast_net can’t find ringoai_com: Non-existent domain

and I had to change all the periods in the domain names to underscores because the site would not accept a post with links in it.

all looks good to me, any issues?

resolved… bosses panicked, could not resolve our domain… turned out they let the domain expire with the registrar. I’d never seen that before and thought it was a dns issues. thanks for the reply!


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