DNS don't update

After deactivated a CNAME record for Shopify, and Add a A entry for connect my domain to my new hosting, it’s seem that the domain continues to route to Shopify.

I clean all possible caches, in Cloudflare, in my browser… But I can’t resolve the issue.

Do I have to wait 24 hours for the changes to take effect and stop being routed to shopify?

Thank for your help

You may wait. Subsequently, you may try using this tool: Liberate the hostname if waiting doesn’t help. Read more here:

Thank you neiljay for your help. I tried Liberate the hostname, but I can’t create a CNAME record for my domain, Cloudflare advice me that a CNAME it’s already exists (I don’t see any cname record).

It’s very frustrating.

Would you refresh & check? You may try accessing in incognito or using other browser in case.

Nothing, I have always de same issue.

I see Support was able to assist you with this @elliotfernandez87, let us know if you need anything further or if anything else comes up.

Now it’s working fine, thank you for your interest Cloonan.

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