DNS dont change to Cloudflare after transfer

Hello, I have transfered my domain from godaddy to Cloudflare. I added A records to my domain, now I looked them up and saw they were not recognized because its showing the old godaddy DNS server for my pages. How can I force them to change? The strange thing is, it worked yesterday.

You most likely will have to contact Cloudflare’s support to have the nameservers changed manually.

Whats the domain?

Ok but I want to use the standard DNS servers from Cloudflare. My domain is synchrotroncoin.com and i have another subdomain called explorer.synchrotroncoin.com

Yes, your domain is registered through Cloudflare and yes, it points to non-Cloudflare nameservers. You need to contact support in this case.

Ok I will do thank you.

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