DNS & Domain

I am new to this platform & setting up websites, etc so need help
Have added 2 CNAME entries to the DNS (as instructed by 3rd party training I am following).
The 1st is >> CNAME / ‘domain name’ / value target.clickfunnels.com / TTL / Status ?
From this training video, it advises the status needs to be set such that traffic to the hostname goes through Cloudflare. However, when I set this up, I was not given an option, it remains blank.
The 2nd is >> CNAME / www / value target.clickfunnels.com / TTL / Status ?

So then in explorer, when I type ‘www.domain name’ i am directed to the page, so it works fine.
But when i type just the domain name, I receive an error saying ‘No such app’
Guidance please

I know there are a ton of posts on Clickfunnels here, so you can read through those for the details.

My advice is to make sure the DNS entry for www is :orange: and then add a Page Rule:
Match www.example.com/* and Forward it (Code 301) to https://example.com/$1 (or http if you don’t have SSL turned on)

Thank you for your response.
I have deleted the entry & added another with the aim to clear out any errors
I used the same parameters & considered your advice, yet again the :orange: cloud did not come up as an option to select
This is infact, the same for of my 2 entries
One thing to note however, as per initial email, when i type in ‘www.thedreamarchitects.com’, the link comes up. But when i type ‘thedreamarchitects.com’ i am again directed to an error page
Some simple/not technical instructions would be appreciated

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