DNS domain owner issue

I am preparing to turn over a website (protected and cached here at CloudFlare) to a new developer. It appears that my domain name is no longer being handled by my original provider and I did not transfer this to anyone else that I am aware of. Checking all possible records says the domain is with www.publicdomainregistry.com. The switch happened when I set up DNS with CloudFlare, registered on January 30, 2013

How did it get here?

How do I access it for transfer?

Without knowing the domain name, we can’t check the situation.


Ok, I do see that the domain is under control of PublicDomainRegistry, but they do have partnerships. The domain is locked against transfers, and was last updated in January of last year. I can’t track down the registrar history of that domain, but WHOIS implies nothing has changed in two years.

You would have to contact PublicDomainRegistry to straighten this out. As Cloudflare is not your registrar, that’s all we can suggest.

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Thanks for your reply.

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