DNS domain not resolving

Purchased domain with GoDaddy
Hosted at platform.sh

The DNS settings at GoDaddy points to Cloudflare as specified

Cloudflare is pointing to platform.sh as required

However the domain is not resolving

Need help.

I can see DNS entries for www, and it redirects to hindudwesha.org. Do you have a DNS entry on the Cloudflare dashboard for the root domain? (It will appear on the dashboard as just hindudwesha.org)

What does this error message mean.

DNS entries

The error (more of a notice really) is saying that the standards that define the DNS protocol do not allow a CNAME to exist at the root of a zone, so Cloudflare will “flatten” that CNAME to an A record on the fly.

Did you change the previous www entry? The www entry appears to be gone, but there is a record for hindudwesha.org.hindudwesha.org, and the root is now resolving. Perhaps you changed the www to hindudwesha.org?

Thank you for your help. No idea what I did, it worked. I guess it works for both with www and without the www

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